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Computer Science is growing with tremendous speed one of biggest trend which plays a big role in it IOT(Internet of Things) let us know more about it--

Why IoT still remains trapped in its hype cycle as we hop on to 2016

Why IoT still remains trapped in its hype cycle as we hop on to 2016

Two major issues that IoT will face in 2016 and beyond, especially in India, are that with growing data flows challenges pertaining to security and more importantly privacy will emerge.

By Ishan Bhattacharya
Features Jan 28th 2016

Generating data which can be used to create value for customers and employees is what enterprises are looking for right now and IoT happens to be a key player in this area. Having said that, with IoT surfaces the need to have systems which can efficiently shoulder mammoth volumes of data which will be generated once IoT implementation goes up. IoT might bring about challenges, especially pertaining to storage which IT departments and the government has never seen before.

According to one of the biggest networking company, the internet of things will generate a staggering 400 zettabytes (ZB) of data a year by 2018.

Ravi Ramakrishnan, global IT head and CIO of Uflex Film Division says that with IoT we are talking of daily volumes of continuous data collection and storage by trillions of objects, which actually happens to be more than what the total human population so far has not managed to generate in over fifty years of computing history.